Wednesday, July 12, 2017

HDFC Bank Scholarships 2017


HDFC Bank Scholarships 2017

'ECSS'- Educational Crisis Scholarship Support

HDFC Bank believes that the benefits of economic growth need to flow to all sections of society. Although not a panacea, education would be one of the main interventions that would lead to the overall economic and social development of the society. With the aim of empowering individuals who are economically and socially disadvantaged, the bank has initiated various projects in the field of education and livelihood training. 'Educational Crisis Scholarship Support' (ECSS) programme is envisaged to provide interim support for children facing a personal/economic exigency.

Economic hardship or a crisis in the family sometimes has a direct impact on the education of children, often resulting in the child dropping out of school/college/university. ECSS has been conceptualized to provide assistance to these students, to tide over a difficult situation/Personal/Family Crisis without adverse impact on their education.

ECSS aims to cover students from recognized Private or Government aided schools between standards 6 and 12 and students studying in undergraduate and post-graduate courses (full-time/part-time degree/diploma/ courses) who due to personal/family crises are unable to continue bearing the cost of education and are at risk of dropping out of school/college/university. This situation would be defined as bereavement/death/ terminal illness/permanent disability and loss of job of the breadwinner due to accident or any such extreme circumstances that have put a strain on the family resources. The Scholarship will cover the total annual School Fee upto a maximum of Rs.10,000/- and College/University Fee upto a maximum of Rs.25,000/- of the selected candidates.

Last Date: 15th August , 2017
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Easy Way to find Validity Date for State Bank Maestro Cards & ways to activate BHIM App

Recently BHIM App is very popular for transfer money between various bank accounts using a unique Uniform Payment Interface (UPI) ID. In order to use that, first, download and install BHIM App in Android OS or Apple Phone.

Procedure to install BHIM can be found @

FAQ on BHIM  can be found @

In order to activate we need to enter our debit card last six digits and Validity (Expiry) date of the card. In SBI and SBI group bank Maestro cards validity dates are not available.

To find the validity date First login to your internet banking account using

Then go to the e-services and chose ATM Card Services 

In that, you can find  ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change.

Click and go to the ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change.

In that, you can see the Card status and Expiry date.

Enter the expiry date and debit card last six digit number and activate your account. 

Enjoy! Happy Banking!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Students and Scholars of Bharathidasan University gathered to support of JALLIKATTU

Students and Scholars of Bharathidasan University gathered to support of JALLIKATTU